Thursday, January 9, 2014


2014 here we go!!
I decided to off from this blogging world a year ago after posted my 'the only post in 2013,' noticed that it was quite hard to keep writing on this blog since I started to write on this blog just for hobby. I've been busy with my job, sometimes travel to another cities due to my work. One thing that will always remain, which makes me will always go back to this bloggin thing, the fact that I love fashion to the max.
Just call me Physics goddess who loves fashion. Here, I can express the other side of myself, exploring another world, meet with all the beautiful people from around the world who has the same passion with me. Yes, that's YOU!

A year gone by, can't believe that we finally hit 2014. What a life!
Back to December, I have a trip to my hometown, a special tradition to gather with my family to celebrate christmas together. Happy that I can met with my sister, good news is I'll be an auntie soon. During my holidays, taking picture was like our ultimate ritual. Here are some photo that taken during holidays.
It seems that white will be my favorite color this year. Mixed my white blouse with this super cute polkadot skirt, which I found in one of my fave boutiques in Medan. The view was breathtaking, this was one of my favorite moments during my holidays.

I hope that you all have a good time and I wish that you all will have an amazing year ahead :)

that's all for today dolls, 
see you at my next post 
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