Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi  dolls!!!
I'm  screaming right now *literally*
I never post any news, and here I'm!
There're so many new stories that i have to share to you all..
First, early this March, i finally graduated..
I'm sorry if I always full filled my past posts with this word  "Thesis!"
it's all over dolls, and the best part was I got the best GPA from my faculty #Proud.
Like a wise man says, "The end of a journey leads you to another new journey"
So, the second news that I wanna share is
I'm in training process now, for my new job!!
Fingers  crossed, after I finish  the training program, I'll flight to Medan, and start 
my new career. I'm so excited!!

Like my wish at the end of 2011.. I believe that 2012 will be my BFF. 
I really hope that you all will have the best moment as well.

And here I share some of pictures from my graduation day..  
I was wearing kebaya at the time.
Tradition has it, we have to wear Kebaya which is the traditional dress from Indonesia
in our graduation ceremonial.
I pick the gold one  because I really wish the next journey will be
the gold moment in my life :)))

Of course I really hope that I can keep this blog.. too many beautiful moments
that I've shared through this blog

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