Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 WILL BE MY BFF : Fashion Recap

2012 is being really nice to me so far. Like i told you in my latest post, "Drowning in hectic days due 
to my thesis deadline" and tks God, finally i'm graduated from 
university. The graduation ceremonial will be held on March. At first, i guess i'll have a lot of free 
time to recover my body system. But once again, i say.. 2012 is really nice to me!
A lot of opportunities has came, from the schoolarship for master degree till.. JOB.
Of course i always love to continue my study, but i've decided to take that job, because
it's like a dream job for me. I know that this blog is dedicated for fashion world, but i can't
keep my fingers to write it ;)
I'm in training process now, and on June if there are no any problem i'll flight to Medan to start my career.
In the mean time i try to not tell you about my what kind of job i've taken.
2011 was so great to me and i hope 2012 will be more amazing than last year. Here some of my fashion 
shoots from 2011. I'll always say I'm such a physics nerd with a big passion in fashion.
Wishing you the best day, the best year, and the best time...
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