Friday, November 25, 2011



Hi Dolls, how's your fabulous day? 
Here me with blue hues again! 
Actually there's a funny story behind these blue, my new blue blouse. 

Let me start, did you ever went to shop with some "fashion experts" wannabe? 
Trust me, it's like a nightmare but fun (ironic). The first time i chose this blouse on one of my fave 
flea markets in town, she was like "Are you kidding me girl? that is such a trash!" 
Well i can understand, where did the "trash" idea come from. Actually without pairing 
these blouse with the perfect skirt, short, or pants it's kindda hard to imagine this blouse 
as a beautiful piece. But at the time i have my own vision.. i have these navy short 
which i never wore before and i think this blouse is already become it's new BFF. 
Back at nightmare moment, i just gave my sweet smile while saying (in my heart) 
"Watch and learn my girl!"

A week later when we go to hangout, i decided to wear this outfit, and it's such a great 
pleasure when i see her reaction, "Omg! i can't believe the ugly duckling has turned into 
a beautiful swan."

The lesson is, never say "It's an ugly outfit" before you try to mix and match it with another strong 
pieces (no matter, cute skirt, unusual short, or beautiful accessories). You don't have to be 
an annoying fashion experts, BE AN AMAZING FASHION GODDES. That's all :)

Thursday, November 17, 2011



Raise your hand if you have at least one of  "Mickey" blouses in your closet.
Maybe it's a new one or an old blouse that you still keep because it's too cute
and you never dare to throw it away :) For me personal, i just love Mickey so much!
He's one of the greatest memory from my childhood. I  ever made a post where 
i did a pose wore a "Mickey" blouse, so now you've known that i can't get over Mickey even
in my 20s age.

I took these photos in my campus. I understand if you guys think that it looks
like a warehouse LOL:) Actually it's the place where the science and engineering students
throw away their trash, like the unsuccessful project and stuff. It's really messy but
believe it or not, sometimes we use this place as the perfect place to escape from
our boring class or a place to find a new inspiration :)
Even the greatest thing comes from a very messy place!!

Huge tks to my girl Yulianti who took all the amazing photos :)

Monday, November 14, 2011


Say hi to fall, and lets back to F/W 2011 fashion show early this year.. 
where we spotted this polkadot trend on Marc Jacobs or even Stella McCartney's runway.
Yes!! it's fall baby and let this polkadot trend take the spotlight. It just looks so classic. 
No matter how many times the fashion trend's changing.. this polkadot trend will be back again. 
After recovery from my skin disease, i decided to dress up and take a photoshoot. 
Pairing my new long sleeves polkadot blouse with this pink mini skirt. 
I need some brighter color to balancing these black blouse.
Some of these photo was taken in my room's balcony. Sometimes i spend my breakfast 
time at this place while watching the sunrise. It's so breathtaking and like a perfect way 
to start my day. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011



Hi dolls,
I hope you all have fabulous day.
I've been sick from last week. I got this skin disease,  to feel itchy all the time is like
a nightmare for me. Don't know where the hell i got this virus, all i know is i have to
take care of my body more carefully next time. The doctor said that it attacked when my  body
in very bad condition. For sure i have left my healthy lifestyle since i was too busy with
all the deadline due to the finishing process of my thesis.
During this 'sucks' time, i try to fix all the bad habits, like eat healthy food, take enough time
to rest and consume some vitamins. Hope in the next two days i'll be better :)
I'll never replace my healthy with anything, it's number one!!

Here some photos i took before i got sick.
I took the inspiration of this two tones from Celine F/W 2011 collection. Ms Phoebe is the
master in creating a simple and chic piece right ?!
Blue will always be my favorite color all the time. Pairing it with this brown skirt..
Kinda love the result, simple yet chic.

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