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Hi dolls!!
Here come another weekend to be enjoyed, 
after the glamours of Paris Haute Couture it's time to prepare for another 
fashion week. New York fashion week for F/W 2011 collection is around the corner. 

Too much elements that i always wanna see from every fashion week, 
from the designer, the new design/collection, all the amazing fashion editors  
(i always wanna read all their review about fashion week), selebrities, and last 
but not least the models. 
And talking about models, some of you maybe have known about my favorite 
model lately.
I've already mentioned her name in my latest post, my friends in Twitter 
always be spammed by my tweets talked about this girl. 
Yeah, who else? here she is the one and only 
This young lady success to blew me aways during S/S 2011 Fashion Week.
She's really rock!! from New York to Milan to Paris. 
Based in Fashion TV rank, she's on the top position of the models 
who became the first face (opened the fashion show) during S/S 2011 fashion week.
She opened 10 shows (include Dior, John Galliano, Hermes, Oscar de la Renta, and 
Zac Posen) and closed 8 shows (include Carolina Herrera and Ellie Saab)

In my opinion this girl have the "X" factor that success to made her one of the golden model 
of John Galliano..
look at the way she walks in runway (FIERCE : noted1), her body language, and her 
expression really perfect..
i wonder where the cute innocent girl at the backstage, she just transformed 
into somebody else when she walks on runway. 

I'm sure Karlie will have a great future in this industry..
she's so young, she have a fabulous signature walk, every couture designer 
from John Galliano to Jean Paul Gaultier love her and she has such a great personality.
Can't wait to see her action during F/W 2011 Fashion week, 
maybe she will booked more show, and make complete her record 
during 2011 fashion week.
Wish Karlie luck!!!

first face at Hermes S/S 2011
first face at John Galliano S/S 2011
first face at Christian Dior S/S 2011
first face at Paul & Joe S/S 2011
Dolce and Gabbana S/S 2011
Marc Jacobs S/S 2011
Louis Vuitton S/S 2011
Lanvin S/S 2011
Alexander McQueen S/S 2011
Fendi S/S 2011
Backstage :



With Jean Paul Gaultier and Jason Wu

Karlie Kloss in Couture Collection :

Christian Dior S/S Haute Couture 2011
Christian Dior F/W Haute Couture 2010
Jean Paul Gaultier F/W Haute Couture 2010
Giorgio Armani Prive F/W Haute Couture 2011

Karlie out off Runway :

Turkish Vogue (Photographed by Max Vadukul ) ; Chinese Vogue (Photographed by Peter Lindbergh )
Karlie Kloss at Dior and Donna Karan F/W 2010's ad campigns
(Photographed by Steven Meisel and Patrick Demarchelier)

Thats all for today dolls, 
i know that i've posted to many photos of her :)
i just really excited about this young talented models..
really dying to see her in F/W 2011 Fashion Show.
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Enjoy your Weekend!!!!
in Love&Light
Queen D


Fashion Queen said...

I love this post..

knk said...

really beautiful collection of outfits looks awesome i like them all

Vanilla said...

She is Stunning :)

Love, Vanilla

Dreamy Princess said...

Hahaa.. You're totally in love with Karlie, huh? x))
When I look at her now, then remember about her early days and her appearanced at the old issue of Teen Vogue, I just can't believe. She's so different! She used to be a little ballerina back then..Now, she's prima ballerina of runway!(:

Dreamy Princess

Sootjeelina said...

I love her, especially in Christian Dior F/W Haute Couture 2010. She is so pretty!

xoxo Sootjeelina <3

Luci Ana said...

aww, beautiful!

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

she is so lovely, I wonder if I can pull some of those hair styles, probably not :) Still lovely.

Dear Girl said...

I love your prev Dior collection, and this post is so lovely, darn that beauty of hers noh?=)she's beautiful in all angles and in any dress!p.s I like your new prof pic...pls send me the link of Gwen Stefani and Kawaii, will ya?=) thanks sweetie!

Dear Girl said...

I love your prev Dior collection, and this post is so lovely, darn that beauty of hers noh?=)she's beautiful in all angles and in any dress!p.s I like your new prof pic...pls send me the link of Gwen Stefani and Kawaii, will ya?=) thanks sweetie!

Bog-Bog said...

Karlie is incredible!

helena said...

Oh wow. She's gorgeous.

Cassidy said...

She's adorable.

And in response to your question, I use Photoshop CS3 for editing. But I only edited a few of those photos; I usually just leave my film photos as they are.

valncami said...

im completely and totally in love with karlie. seriously, at first i wasnt sure what i thought of her but the more i see the more im convinced - shes amazing, and beautiful!!! (well, duh.) thank you so much for your comment on our blog - it means a lot. we are now following you too <3

hope to hear from you soon!
xo, camilla & valerie

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

Agreed - love her look and glad she's getting some great campaigns and shows!

Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

adorable so so cute!

♥ Monica ♥ said...

I love these dresses! So beautiful!!


johanna said...

this is GREAT

knk said...

thanks for lovely comment
hav a great Monday enjoy life

~k said...

She is fierce.

sbot said...

I wonder why that girl has those clips in her hair, is it to make a crease?

Thanks so much for your comment, check out my new post if you like : )


Courtney Erin said...

Great post - I just love her!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Hazel said...

hi! followed your blog! thanks for following =)

and she's really beautiful!! more great success for her! =)

<3 hazel

Marloes. said...

She's such an amazing model!


She is one of my faves! Such a classic beauty...and I'm loving the runway shots for Paul & Joe and Lanvin! xo

minnja said...



Imogen said...

SO very pretty and gorgeous.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Oh I recognize her! She is so gorgeous and fabulous! I really did not know that much about her, so thank you for this awesome post. :)

R. C. said...

love your blog!

follow me as well :)

Raquel said...

She's too cute!

Chelsea Elizabeth. said...

She is so gorgeous. I once saw an article about her in teen vogue. :)

<3Chelsea Elizabeth

Kavery said...

Gorgeous and so down to earth too.

*chameleon* said...

she's really such a sweety,and has beautiful eyes!!!and she's young too!:DD

Nasan Faris Naufal said...

i love karlie so much!

FashionJazz said...

Shes stunning! Loved your post hun! xxx

Castor Pollux said...

woah it's so nice to see these pics of karlie!
she is so beautiful. i personally like her eyes, the way she stares it's fierce.
she is so the next supermodel!

Castor Pollux

-marta said...

Karlie is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for posting about her :)


4 y 26 said...

Love the black jacket! I have it the same
Good post :)

sngthanh- said...

WOW, she's sooo pretty! :o x

Fashion Nicotine said...

She looks fantastic!!

Pop Champagne said...

gawd she's beautiful, even when her hair is not done up!

Pop Champagne said...

and hehe no I'm not going to NY fashion week coming up, NY is about 6 hours away from where I live... but I am going to Montreal fashion week! :D

Rand T said...

beautiful!!! love it:):)

Jazzy E (hivennn) said...

so cute. x hivennn

inge luciana said...

what an amazing collections!!
I love all of the!!

Lia Waroka Putri said...

aw thanks for posting about Karlie Kloss! I love her so much! she's my fave model ^^

Clover said...

great fashion post! like always, dear!^^
cool video. I really enjoyed it!

Rosa said...

great post! i didn't realize she was such a familiar face
buttercup buttons

JANE said...

She's absolutely stunning! Her personality makes her even more awesome.

ilsteviewonder said...

Love karlie! :D

My Republic of Fashion said...

Karlie Kloss is such a stunner!! :)SArahD

Chelsea Lane said...

I absolutely loved that video, she's supremely talented <3


Ashley [Free Honey] said...

I love Karlie! I think she is so pretty and has such a strong versatile look.

Great compilation of her pictures!

xo, Ashley

Cassandra said...

she's stunning

De Vero said...

So beautyful! I want them all!!

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