Thursday, January 9, 2014


2014 here we go!!
I decided to off from this blogging world a year ago after posted my 'the only post in 2013,' noticed that it was quite hard to keep writing on this blog since I started to write on this blog just for hobby. I've been busy with my job, sometimes travel to another cities due to my work. One thing that will always remain, which makes me will always go back to this bloggin thing, the fact that I love fashion to the max.
Just call me Physics goddess who loves fashion. Here, I can express the other side of myself, exploring another world, meet with all the beautiful people from around the world who has the same passion with me. Yes, that's YOU!

A year gone by, can't believe that we finally hit 2014. What a life!
Back to December, I have a trip to my hometown, a special tradition to gather with my family to celebrate christmas together. Happy that I can met with my sister, good news is I'll be an auntie soon. During my holidays, taking picture was like our ultimate ritual. Here are some photo that taken during holidays.
It seems that white will be my favorite color this year. Mixed my white blouse with this super cute polkadot skirt, which I found in one of my fave boutiques in Medan. The view was breathtaking, this was one of my favorite moments during my holidays.

Saturday, January 19, 2013


 photo 5_zpsdf721deb.jpg

It’s almost a year since i wrote my last post. 
Life’s changing after that, after my graduation I had this oportunity to move 
to another island and starting my career. From that moment I must admit there’s no more 
time for me to catch up with my blog. As I remember time flies so fast, 
everyday I have to face with so many new things related to my job. 
I’m the type of person that always love to try new things in my life. 
No doubt, i dare to travel to another place, to meet with different people and 
of course being away from my family is really sucks, but in my life’s dictionary, 
it’s really obvious that I’ll never grow to be better and stronger than before if i never try 
to step in the higher level.

My new job is quite challenging, I have to teach physics in one of 
Senior High Schools in North Sumatera. Why did I say this job is challenging? 
You never know until you meet so many kids with big potential and came from different places. 
The school where I work is prepared to be one of the best schools in Indonesia, 
there’s a high expectation from the founders. Of course I experienced so many interesting 
moments during I work here. I met so many famous people from Jansen H Sinamo 
(He’s the famous writer from Indonesia) till Professor Pantur Silaban, just for your information 
Pantur Silaban is one of the foremost physicists in Indonesia,  he went to United States 
to study General Relativity theory at Central Studies of Gravitation at Syracuse University 
under direction of Peter Bergmann and Joshua N. Goldberg whom were among authoritative 
experts in general relativity after the inventor, Albert Einstein. What a combo for me, right?!! 
I also met with Kofifah Indar Parawansa, she was the minister of 
Female Empowerment in Indonesia’s cabinet. 

So far I consider 2012 as the golden year for me. Another new part of my life, new job, 
I experienced so many interesting moments, I met with so many people that I admire, 
I also travel a lot. There are “come and go moments”, I have to say goodbye to my old friends because 
of  I moved to different town, but here I met another amazing people that I called friends. 
One of the best moments in 2012 is my sister's wedding.. I’m so freaking happy for her. 
You don’t have any idea how happy am I and my family when we saw her walked through the altar. 
Fingers crossed I’ll be a super sweet auntie this year :)

That’s all I can tell.. here I am, I still alive, I still missing my blogging time, I still love to write everything, 
I still enjoy to have some chit-chat with all my fashion expert like y’all :)

In the meantime i left you, some of photos that i took around the place where i work. 
Simple yet chic, try to mastering one of my polkadot blouse that i ever wore 
before with this black suit.. you'll never go wrong with black blazer and black trousers.
Always say yes for black!!

PS: tks to ka Srie for taken all the pic.. new photographer alarm..righ?!

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hi  dolls!!!
I'm  screaming right now *literally*
I never post any news, and here I'm!
There're so many new stories that i have to share to you all..
First, early this March, i finally graduated..
I'm sorry if I always full filled my past posts with this word  "Thesis!"
it's all over dolls, and the best part was I got the best GPA from my faculty #Proud.
Like a wise man says, "The end of a journey leads you to another new journey"
So, the second news that I wanna share is
I'm in training process now, for my new job!!
Fingers  crossed, after I finish  the training program, I'll flight to Medan, and start 
my new career. I'm so excited!!

Like my wish at the end of 2011.. I believe that 2012 will be my BFF. 
I really hope that you all will have the best moment as well.

And here I share some of pictures from my graduation day..  
I was wearing kebaya at the time.
Tradition has it, we have to wear Kebaya which is the traditional dress from Indonesia
in our graduation ceremonial.
I pick the gold one  because I really wish the next journey will be
the gold moment in my life :)))

Of course I really hope that I can keep this blog.. too many beautiful moments
that I've shared through this blog

Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 WILL BE MY BFF : Fashion Recap

2012 is being really nice to me so far. Like i told you in my latest post, "Drowning in hectic days due 
to my thesis deadline" and tks God, finally i'm graduated from 
university. The graduation ceremonial will be held on March. At first, i guess i'll have a lot of free 
time to recover my body system. But once again, i say.. 2012 is really nice to me!
A lot of opportunities has came, from the schoolarship for master degree till.. JOB.
Of course i always love to continue my study, but i've decided to take that job, because
it's like a dream job for me. I know that this blog is dedicated for fashion world, but i can't
keep my fingers to write it ;)
I'm in training process now, and on June if there are no any problem i'll flight to Medan to start my career.
In the mean time i try to not tell you about my what kind of job i've taken.
2011 was so great to me and i hope 2012 will be more amazing than last year. Here some of my fashion 
shoots from 2011. I'll always say I'm such a physics nerd with a big passion in fashion.
Wishing you the best day, the best year, and the best time...

Monday, December 26, 2011



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